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The Creation, Vision, Goal and Aim of the Ngulefac Foundation.

Ngulefac foundation is a charity and community development organisation founded in 2017 by Ngulefac Martins. the project was launched with a primary aim of improving educational,moral,cultural and agricultural standard of Cameroonians in Rural Areas.

The Vision.

NGULEFAC FOUNDATION Vision is to improve the lives of 100,000 lessprivilege children, 15,000 farmers and 13,000 communities in africa through Scholarship, sponsorship, personal development serminars and planting of trees by 2030.

The Mission.

NGULEFAC FOUNDATION works on promoting the living standard of the lessprivilege, entrepreneurailship, foster employment, and aleviating porvety.


Ngulefac Foundation does so many things which help the community and individuals.

Charity for Education

Education is a neccessity for life, So we help those who can't afford to be educated to be educated.

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Improving Agriculture

We contribute to the society in the agricultural sector by providing equipment to help facilitate agriculture in rural areas.

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Community Support

We also associate with other foundations to engage in community service such as No litter, Cleaning and Volunteering.

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Enriching Serminars

We organise serminars to enrich the minds of our youth an orientate them from diviation.

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Help Little Hands

Help an Underprivilege get to his/her feet by giving a helping hand/ sponsoring to give a smile.

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Donate for Children

Give to the poor inorder to get more from good, make A chiold recieve blessing through you.

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How can you help?

You can help by Donating, Volunteering, and Helping a child school by giving him/her a Scholarship.

Give A helping hand to the foundation through volunterrism so as to put a smile on someones face.


Donate to the foundation to make a child smile and eradicate porvety and hunger.


Provide A Child with education. Don't refuse a child education, just put a smile on a face.


Ngulefac Foundation we make donations in the form of Scholarships, Agriculture equipments, and Community campaign.


Ngulefac foundation greater part of donation is scholarship because education is a key to success.
So far, we have only been able to go as far as granting scholarship to primary schools, giving them the privilege to education .

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It is also our greatest interest to eradicate hunger and poverty in the community; that why we finance both domestic and commercial agricultural project. The result of this is evident; wellfed civilians, reduce poverty and starvation.

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We partners with other community Service Foundation such as Moly Tree Foundation and Neola Lyonga Foundation, to see the financing of community projects such as planting of trees, town cleaning, craft skill trainings, and much more.

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Change Their World. Put A Smile. This changes everything.